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Rules for the First Castle Siege:

Castle Siege Hours:
Sunday at 16:00 Server Time.
Duration 1 hour
Guild registration period: Monday.
Sign of Lord Registration Period: Wednesday / Thursday.


For the award to be delivered, the following rules must be obeyed:

1- It is necessary the participation of at least 3 different Guilds.
2 - Each Guild must have at least one Ally Participant.
3- If the Criteria are not reached, the period will be extended.
4 - Guild Fake will not be allowed as a participant, in the event of Guild Fake presence / confirmation the prize will be awarded in another edition of Castle Siege.

How the Prizes will be awarded:

1 - The prizes will be drawn to the participants of the guild and Ally winning.

2- The draw and declaration of the winners will be made through a video and posted on the Channel Server, and the same disclosed on the website and facebook.

3- The prizes will be:
1 An Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Video Card. (Approximate Value 130 Dollars).
2nd Mouse Gamer Gskill. (Approximate Value 25 Dollars).
3rd Mouse Gamer Gskill. (Approximate Value 25 Dollars).

4 - If the guild wants, the prize can be converted into Wcoin for the Guild, thus adding the Double of the value of the prizes and receiving a Bonus for the value.

Example: Video card + 2x Total Mouse of 180 Dollars, the value that will be destined to Guild in WCoin will be 360 �??�??Dollars + 20%, totaling 78,000 Wcoin for Guild Seller if you wish.

Note 1: Brand and model of prizes may vary depending on stock.
Note 2: The Delivery Period may vary, as the prizes will be shipped from Florida, with this we depend on the shipping method that the Country accepts.
Note 3: If there is a charge on the product at the entrance of the Country. Therefore, the person who will receive the Prize is responsible for it.

By registering at Castle Siege and attending the event all players are accepting the conditions mentioned above.

Published by Administrator, May 19, 2019
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